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Links - a general acupuncture website providing information for both the public and practitioners. This site is principally orientated towards "TCM" which is how acupuncture is taught and practised today in mainland China. It also represents the style of acupuncture which is dominant in the world today. Whilst this represents a different way of practising acupuncture to how I practise, it remains an interesting and relevant website.

BAcC - the website of the British Acupuncture Council, the body which regulates standards of education, ethics, discipline and practice in acupuncture in the UK. This is the professional organisation which I belong to.

Vilberto's acupuncture links - for anyone with a keen interest in acupuncture, this page from Sao Paolo, Brasil, is a great place to catch a wave and surf. Grab a board!

Toyohari UK branch website. - the website of the UK branch of the Toyohari Association of Tokyo.

Harborne Complementary Health Clinic in Harborne Birmingham - one of the clinics at which I treat. Julia, who owns the clinic, has made its mission to be a clinic which provides a source of quality complementary health care for all the family

The Toyo Hari Medical Association - the English version (it will link you to the more comprehensive Japanese one if you can read Japanese).

Moxafrica - the website of a charity set up to investigate whether moxa can be used in the developing world to combat the scourge of TB.

Quackwatch-acupuncture - in the interests of balance and mischief, this is a view on acupuncture which comes from a very different standpoint. I would deem much of its content to be ill-considered and some even ill-informed, misleading, and ignorant - but we all have a right to our opinions, and exploring such differences is preferable than becoming simply defensive of them. The medical profession, thankfully, isn't generally as narrow-minded as this, and doctors sometimes lie on my treatment couch, and indeed refer patients to me. Nevertheless, we should all play devil's advocate to our own opinions from time to time. Someday, I may even ask them if they'll entertain a reciprocal link!