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Does acupuncture hurt?

In a single word - "No!"

There is a saying in Japan that a good acuncturist should be able to needle a sleeping cat, and the cat should remain asleep....

Whilst I would be reluctant to guarantee this, I find it gratifying when I treat someone who has already had acupuncture, and who previously found it helpful but rather uncomfortable, when they report how painless they find the experience in my treatment room. Often I find that these same people subsequently send their partner, their mother or even their grandchild to see me because of their discovery that acupuncture doesn't have to hurt to be effectiv

The sad fact about acupuncture in the West is that, whilst it is popularly regarded as being amongst the most effective of complementary therapies, it is often avoided, simply because of one thing - those dreaded needles!

The reality is that acupuncture does not have to cause any discomfort at all to be effective. In fact, I would argue that the opposite may be true - to be most effective it should not cause discomfort to the patient.

Certainly, in the context of the times and culture in which we live, a treatment which induces what can be a profoundly relaxed state, whilst at the same time often inducing powerful physiological and psychological effects, is a treatment to be taken extremely seriously.