Merlin Young - gentle and effective acupuncture for everyone

Children can respond extremely well to acupuncture.

Additionally, the delicate Japanese techniques mean that, once their initial natural anxieties have been overcome, children often find the whole experience enjoyable, and actually look forward to coming for treatment.

I have come to the conclusion that younger kids have an inner sense of what's good for them!

For young children and infants (generally less than five years old, and some older) I use a special technique (again from Japan) called shonishin, which doesn't involve needling at all.

I use special non-insertive painless instruments on the channels and acupoints over the child's skin in accordance with specific treatment principles. For certain conditions, this can have excellent effects. Some of these techniques can even be taught to the child's parents, who can then continue the treatment at home.

For all children, the use of the toyohari techniques (non-inserted needling) is also a real bonus as it means that their natural fear of needles can be swiftly and justifiably allayed.

a selection of specialist tools appropriate for gentle non-insertive techniques.