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Moxa for breech

Moxa has a long history of being used for safely and effectively turning babies  who are presenting as “breech” (i.e. not head downwards) at the later stage of pregnancy. 

The procedure is painless, and is in my experience remarkably reliable (research results do vary but are generally very favourable). As importantly it is extremely safe (far safer, for instance, than manual version (ECV) which must always be attempted within a hospital because of its attendant risk).

The mum-to-be is taught the treatment – preferably in the presence of her partner or relative so that they can repeat the treatment at home, optimally twice a day. This way the cost of the treatment can be minimised and the effect maximised. I still like to see mum every few days, however, just to check that everything is going well. 

Sometimes babies turn quite quickly, sometimes it may take a week or more. Good timing is helpful - the closer to the confinement, the harder it can be to get a result, but, despite this, I have seen babies turn in the 39th week. Ideally, however, I prefer not to start the treatment until the 36th week.

I have patients referred to me from time to time by registered midwives for this treatment since they know it to be safe and potentially effective.