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Small Cone Direct Moxa

Small-cone direct moxa utilises tiny "half-rice-grain" sized pieces of highly refined moxa which are lit and burnt down to create a tiny instantaneous pinch of heat.

This may sound painful, but actually it can be curiously relaxing. It may also sound primitive, but actually it creates some very powerful effects, some of the most interesting of them relating to immune response.

The effects are cumulative, and are best done on a daily basis for a while*. 

Perseverance pays! This is the technique we have used on TB patients in Uganda and South Africa, sometimes with quite astonishing results. Sometimes I also use this technique on patients undergoing chemotherapy to keep their White Blood Cell Count (WBC) as high as possible, particularly if it is dropping dangerously.

*The technique is simple, and I often teach patients or their partners how to use this technique and give them some moxa so they can do it at home to enhance the acupuncture treatment.